Efective polysilicon capacity dampens downstream solar demand forecasts

(Source: pv-tech, 2015-02-19)

Based on the SEMI trade association’s polysilicon shipment data as well as REC Silicon’s own estimates, a total of 271,000MT of polysilicon was shipped in 2014, suggesting between 42GW to 43GW of PV modules were produced last year.
REC Silicon highlighted at its recent earnings call that the polysilicon shipment data indicates that global end-market demand was therefore lower than many market research forecasts had anticipated.
Tore Torvund, president and CEO of REC Silicon, noted that independently tracked polysilicon shipment data from the 10 largest producers was said to have reached 223,000MT in 2014. When combined with REC Silicon’s own analysis of the rest of the sector, a total of 271,000MT was estimated to have been shipped last year, enabling between 42GW to 43GW of PV modules to be produced and shipped.

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